Rosemount 3144P Temperature Transmitter

Rosemount 3144P Temperature Transmitter China supplier good price 

• Industry-leading temperature transmitter delivers unmatched field reliability and innovative process measurement solutions

• Improve efficiency with Best-in-Class product specifications and capabilities

• Optimize measurement reliability with diagnostics designed for any protocol on any host system

• Explore the benefits of a Complete PointSolution from Rosemount Temperature

Rosemount 3144P Temperature Transmitter

Industry-leading temperature transmitter delivers unmatched field reliability and innovative process measurement solutions

• Superior accuracy and stability

• Dual and single sensor capability with universal sensor inputs (RTD, T/C, mV, ohms)

• Comprehensive sensor and process diagnostics offering

• IEC 61508 safety certification

• Dual-compartment housing

• Large LCD display

• Selectable HART Revision (5 and 7) or FOUNDATION fieldbus protocols


Power Supply

External power supply required. Transmitters operate on 12.0 to 42.4 Vdc transmitter terminal voltage (with 250 ohm load, 18.1 Vdc power supply voltage is required). Transmitter power terminals rated

to 42.4 Vdc.

Wiring Diagram

See Figure 1 on page 20.


Custom factory configurations of alarm and saturation levels are available for valid values with option code C1. These values can also be configured in the field using a Field Communicator.

Transient Protection (option code T1)

The transient protector helps to prevent damage to the transmitter from transients induced on the loop wiring by lightning, welding, heavy electrical equipment, or switch gears. The transient protection electronics are contained in an add-on assembly that attaches to the standard transmitter terminal block. The external ground lug assembly (code G1) is included with the Transient Protector. The transient protector has been tested per the following standard:

• IEEE C62.41-1991 (IEEE 587)/ Location Categories B3.

6kV/3kA peak (1.2  50 S Wave 8  20 S Combination Wave)

6kV/0.5kA peak (100 kHz Ring Wave)

EFT, 4kVpeak, 2.5kHz, 5*50nS

• Loop resistance added by protector: 22 ohms max.

• Nominal clamping voltages: 90 V (common mode), 77 V (normal mode)