to understand Rosemount 644 temperature transmitter wiring


The Rosemount 644 temperature transmitter is divided into single input 644H and dual input 644S. 

The xinyuan instrument introduces the temperature transmitter 644 wiring. Please learn the wiring of 

Rosemount 644 temperature transmitter.


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Temperature transmitter 644 wiring needs attention

1. When the thermal resistance input is wired:

Temperature Transmitter Transmitters accept a variety of RTD configurations, including 2-wire, 3-wire or 4-wire configurations.

 If the transmitter is installed away from the 3-wire or 4-wire RTD, if the resistance of each lead is 60 ohms, the transmitter can

 operate as specified without recalibration. In this case, the leads between the RTD and the transmitter should have a shield.

 If only two leads are used and the two RTD leads are connected in series with the sensor element, then when the lead length

 exceeds three feet [20AWG line, Note: AWG American wire gauge, the value in front of the AWG (eg 20AWG, 24AWG) indicates

 the final wire formation The number of holes to pass before the diameter, the larger the value, the more holes the wire passes

 through, and the smaller the diameter of the wire, the more obvious errors may occur. For 2-wire and 3-wire RTDs, additional lead

 resistance errors occur when the ambient temperature changes.

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