Rosemount 8800D flowmeter

Rosemount 8800D flowmeter supplier


Feature :

The Rosemount 8800D delivers reliability and maximum process availability

Rosemount Reliability -The 8800D Vortex eliminates impulse lines, ports, and gaskets to improve reliability.

Non-clog Design - Unique all welded, gasket-free construction which has no ports or crevices that can clog. 

Vibration Immunity - Mass balancing of the sensor system,and Adaptive Digital Signal Processing (ADSP) provide vibration immunity.

Replaceable Sensor - The sensor is isolated from the process and can be replaced without breaking the process seal. All line sizes use the same sensor design allowing a single spare to serve every meter.

Simplified Troubleshooting - Device Diagnostics enable field verification of meter electronics and sensor without process shutdown.


Process temperature limits
–40 to 450 °F (–40 to 232 °C)
–330 to 800 °F (–200 to 427 °C)
–330 to 800 °F (–200 to 427 °C)


Multivariable (MTA option)
–40 to 800 °F (–40 to 427 °C)
• Use above 450 °F (232 °C) requires Extended Sensor

Ambient temperature limits
–58 to 185 °F (–50 to 85 °C)
–4 to 185 °F (–20 to 85 °C) for flowmeters with local indicator

–58 to 185 °F (–50 to 85 °C)
–50 to 185 °F (–46 to 85 °C) for flowmeters with local indicator

Output signals
4–20 mA Digital HART signal
Superimposed on 4–20 mA signal