rosemount 8800d series vortex flow meter price

Rosemount Vortex flowmeter feature :

The vortex flowmeter forms a "vortex" of the flowing medium (liquid, gas) to realize the conversion of 

mechanical energy to electrical energy, thereby generating a current signal. It has no moving mechanica

parts, so the maintenance is small, the meter constant is stable, and it is easy to ensure accuracy in the 

working environment. The vortex flowmeter is a fluid vibration type flowmeter, which has a large measuring

range, small pressure loss and high accuracy It is suitable for measuring the flow of various media such as

 gas, liquid and steam in industrial pipelines.

Rosemount vortex flowmeter 8800D application:

Temperature compensated mass flow of saturated steam Temperature and volume flow output as independent 

compensation variables in flow computer or control systems Volume flow as the primary output and temperature 

output for monitoring applications (especially when installing separate temperature sensors and transmitters is

not cost effective)MultiVariable Vortex Technology Improves Storage Transfer of Saturated Steam We are 

committed to reducing costs, performance and reliability for saturated steam.

Rosemount Vortex flowmeter

Rosemount Vortex flowmeter

8800D flowmeter (3)

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