rosemount emerson 8800d vortex flowmeter suppliers

Emerson 8800D vortex flowmeter main specifications :

Rosemount vortext flowmeter DN size :

From 15MM to 300MM

8800D vortex flowmeter Wetted Materials:

316L wrought stainless and CF-3M cast stainless

UNS N06022 wrought Nickel Alloy; CW2M cast Nickel Alloy

Emerson 8800D Conduit Entry :

1/2 -14 NPT  .M20  1.5  and  PG 13.5

Vortext flowmeter outputs :

4-20 mA digital electronics (HART® protocol) 

4-20 mA digital electronics (HART® protocol) with scaled pulse

8800D flowmeter (2).jpg

8800D flowmeter (3).jpg

Emerson  flowmeter

Basic information :

Vortex street flowmeter is also known as vortex flowmeter or karman vortex flowmeter [1].Comprehensive developed countries to absorb advanced technology and summarizes the research and production experience for many years on the basis of the careful design of the product, realizes the intelligent products standardization, the seriation, generalization, the production of the beautiful sex of mold, to ensure product quality

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