Rosemount Pressure Transmitter 3051TG- suppliers

3051TG main specifications :

Performance  :0.04% accuracy

Output :

4-20 mA HART, 1-5 Vdc HART low power, FOUNDATION fieldbus, and
Profibus PA protocols

Calibrated spans/ranges:

 from 0.3 to 10,000 psi (10,3 mbar to 689 bar)

 process isolators:

316 SST and Alloy C-276

Gage pressure transmitter basic information :

Rosemmount 3051 serise pressure trnamitter use microprocessor technology, temperature compensation and nonlinear compensation are used to greatly improve the measurement precision.Improve the temperature characteristic, extend the range ratio, add the intelligent configuration function, further satisfied the industrial field instrument high reliability, high stability requirement.

3051T transmitter  Dimensional Drawings:


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