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  • Model NO.:644HA

Product Description

Rosemount 644 transmitter delivers field reliability and advanced accuracy to meet demanding process needs. The 644 series subject to various services based on ambience, fluid detail, tank detail, by which the series could also be C/W thermal sensors with or without field LCD indicator, please reach us for more details.

Specification :

Inputs: User-selectable; Sensor terminals rated to 42.4VDC.

Output: Single 2wired device with a completely digital output with FOUNDATION fieldbus communication (ITK 5.1 compliant).

Isolation: Input/output isolation tested to 500VDC/acrms (707VDC) at 50/60 Hz

Local Display: The optional five-digit integral LCD Display includes a floating or fixed decimalpoint. It can also display engineering units (° F, ° C, R, K, , and millivolts), milliampere, and percent of span. The display can be configured to alternate between selected display options. Display settings are preconfigured at the factory according to the standard transmitter configuration. They can be reconfigured in the field using FOUNDATION fieldbus communications.

Humidity Limits: 0-99% relative humidity

Update Time: 0.5seconds

Accuracy: FOUNDATION fieldbus: ± 0.15 ° C

Housing and Standard Meter Cover: 316 SST

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