Rosemount temperature transmitter 3144 wholesaler

Basic description :

Explore the benefits of a Complete Point Solution from Rosemount 3144 Temperature transmitter

An “Assemble To Sensor” option enables Emerson to provide a complete point temperature solution, delivering an installation-ready transmitter and sensor assembly

Emerson offers a selection of RTDs, thermocouples, and thermowells that bring superior durability and Rosemount reliability to temperature sensing, complementing the Rosemount Transmitter portfolio

Main specifications :

Housing Style

Aluminum  and  Stainless Steel

Output :

4-20 mA with digital signal based on HART protocol

Stability :

5 Year Stability


LCD Display

Product Certifications :

Basic options certificates

Mounting Bracket

Mounting Bracket for 2-inch pipe mounting - All SST                           Mounting Bracket for 2-inch pipe or panel mounting - All SST

3144 temperature tranmitter




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