Stainless steel Bourdon tube pressure gauge offers suppliers

The pressure gauge can be divided into:

1. General type pressure gauges: general type pressure gauges are used to measure the pressure of liquid, gas or steam without explosion, crystallization or solidification of copper and copper alloys.

2. Corrosion-resistant pressure gauges: the corrosion pressure gauge is used to measure the pressure of corrosive media, and the usual stainless pressure gauge, diaphragm type pressure gauge, etc.

3. Explosion-proof pressure gauges: explosion-proof pressure gauges are used in dangerous places with explosive mixtures in the environment, such as explosion-proof electric contact pressure gauges, explosion-proof transmitters and so on.

4. Special pressure gauge.

According to the purpose of the pressure gauge points: can be divided into ordinary pressure gauge, pressure gauge, oxygen, ammonia pressure gauge, electric contact pressure gauge, far eastone pressure gauge, pressure gauge, with  inspection of vibration pointer gauges double tube or double, double needle single pipe pressure gauge, pressure gauge, digital display precision pressure gauge, etc.

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