Temperature gauge with Capillary Supplier Manufacturer Exporter

Temperature gauge with Capillary Supplier Manufacturer Exporter

Special features :

 Scale ranges from -200 ... +700 °C

 Fast response behaviour

 Case and stem from stainless steel

 Various connection and case mounting designs


The model 73 gas-actuated thermometer has been developed and is manufactured in accordance with the EN 13190 standard. The high-quality thermometer has been designed especially for the requirements of the process industry. Especially in the chemical and petrochemical, oil and gas, and power engineering industries, the thermometer completely manufactured from stainless steel is used successfully

Specification :

Model overview

Model NS Version

A73.100 100 Back mount (axial)

A73.160 160

R73.100 100 Lower mount (radial)

R73.160 160

S73.100 100 Back mount, adjustable stem and dial

S73.160 160

F73.100 100 Version with capillary

F73.160 160

Q73.144 144 x 144 Edgewise panel design

Accuracy class

Class 1 per EN 13190

at 23 °C ±10 °C ambient temperature

Working range

Normal (1 year): Measuring range (EN 13190)

Short time (24 h max.): Scale range (EN 13190)

Adjustable stem and dial version

Stainless steel

swivelling 90°

rotatable 360°

Contact bulb

120 x 22 x 12 mm, stainless steel 1.4571


Ø 2 mm, stainless steel 1.4571, bending radius no less than 6 mm

Length to customer specification


Aluminium white, black lettering


Laminated safety glass (at edgewise panel design: shatterproof plastic)


Aluminium, black, micro adjustment

Temperature limits for storage and transport

-50 … +70 °C without liquid damping

-40 … +70 °C with liquid damping

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