The difference between Pressure senser and pressure transmitter

What is the difference between pressure senser and pressure transmittter ?

Usually , the pressure sensor refers to the component -level product of the non-standard MV signal input 

which is the focus component of the pressure transmitter . Because of the non-standard nature of the signal ,

 the user must stop the pressure calibration and plan a special signal treatment for a long time .Circuit , because 

the signal is strong the interval must be increased and shortened compared to the Yongjie .

With the improvement of skills, the meaning of some vocabulary has changed, so that it often caused 

misunderstandings. Sensors are such an example.

       Now people say that the sensor is composed of two departments, namely the sensitive element and the 

conversion element. In this case, the sensitive element refers to the department that can indirectly feel the 

infection or the corresponding measurement in the sensor; the conversion element refers to the electrical signal 

department in the sensor that converts the sensitive element to the infection or the corresponding measurement 

to be suitable for transmission or measurement.Because the input signal of the sensor is usually very strong, 

it is necessary to modulate and reduce it. With the growth of integration skills, people have also installed this 

part of the circuit and power supply circuits outside the sensor all the way. In this way, the sensor can input 

the available signal for easy handling and transmission.

      In the past, when the technique was absolutely backward, the so-called sensor refers to the sensitive element 

above, and the transmitter is the conversion element above.

     There are many types of transmitters. The transmitters used in industrial control instruments mainly include 

temperature transmitters, pressure transmitters, flow transmitters, current transmitters, voltage transmitters and so on.

3144 (2) transmitter

644 (3) transmitter

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