UE Pressure Switch

Pressure switches are mechanical, electronic and other two categories.

G & L electronic pressure switch is a high-precision instrumentation amplifier signal pressure, high-speed MCU collects and processes data, built-in sophisticated sensors to compensate the detected pressure, liquid level signal, pressure, liquid level monitoring and control of high-precision equipment. Widely used in chemical, mechanical, hydrological, electricity, environmental protection and other measuring gas, liquid pressure automation system. Because the adjustment convenient and flexible, easy to install, use level switches can replace most of the occasion.

1, the core of the product using the new intelligent micro-processing chip, stable and functional and practical performance.
2, LED displays the current pressure or level value;
3, the pressure or level can be set to start or stop according to their needs;
4, four LED products according to customer needs three units can choose: Mpa, KG.F / CM2, PSI
5, can be set high and low pressure or level alarm, and relay or optocoupler output to the control device; dual relay output (SPDT) switch;
6, two-way relay / two-way coupler / with 4-20mA / 0-10V output can be selected;
7, the use of high-precision pressure sensors, high precision than mechanical pressure switches, small hysteresis, fast response, stable and reliable; no dead zone adjustment, can be set relay pressure points over the entire measuring range;
8, use the buttons to adjust the operating pressure, easy to use, more flexible; degree of protection: IP65, it can be used in harsh environment applications;