ue pressure switches suppliers

UE H100 series pressure switch have many types pressure switch, Vacuum pressure switch , Differential pressure switch and temperature switch .this brand switches wide variety of microswitch and process-connection options make this versatile series ideal for applications requiring a rugged weather-prooof mechanical switches .


Switches specification :

adjustable ranges:
30 “Hg Vac to 5000 psi
(-1 to 344,7 bar)

“wc ranges:
300 “wc Vacuum to 250 “wc Pressure
(-746,7 to 622,3 mbar)

Differential Pressure:
0.2 “wcd to 500 psid
(0,5 mbar to 34,5 bar)

-180 to 650°f
(-117.8 to 343.3°c) 


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