Vortex flow meter Rosemount 8800DF suppliers

 8800D Vortex flow meter Suitable for measuring medium:

 steam, pure water, tap water, etc.

Descriptions of 8800D flowmmeter :

The vortex flowmeter forms a "vortex" of the flowing medium (liquid, gas) to realize the conversion of mechanical energy

 to electrical energy, thereby generating a current signal. It has no moving mechanical parts, so the maintenance is small,

 the meter constant is stable, and it is easy to ensure accuracy in the working environment. The vortex flowmeter is a fluid

 vibration type flowmeter, which has a large measuring range, small pressure loss and high accuracy. It is suitable for measuring

 the flow of various media such as gas, liquid and steam in industrial pipelines.

Emerson 8800D specifications :

Model: 8800DW010SA 1N 1D 1M5
Caliber: DN25, facing flange type
Material: stainless steel 316L
Electrical connection: 1/2 NPT
Output signal: 4-20mA digital HART signal
Process temperature range: -10--232 ° C
Measurement accuracy: liquid level 1.0, gas level 1.5

8800D flometer (1)

8800D flowmeter (2)

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