YOKOGAWA Diaphragm Sealed Differential Pressure Transmitters -Suppliers -Agent

Specification :

Output Signal :4 to 20 mA DC, 2-wire system with digital communication 

Supply Voltage :
10.5 to 42 V DC for general use and flameproof type
10.5 to 32 V DC for lightning protector (Optional code/A)
10.5 to 30 V DC for intrinsically safe, Type n,nonincendive, or non-sparking type
10.5 to 28 V DC for TIIS intrinsically safe type

Degrees of Protection: IP67, Type 4X

Transmitter Material:
Cover flange; JIS SCS14A
Cover flange bolts; See ‘Model and Suffx Codes.

Basic information :

Yokogawa Model EJA118W, EJA118N and EJA118Y Diaphragm Sealed Differential Pressure Transmitters can be used to measure liquid, gas, or steam flow, as well as liquid level, density, and pressure. They output a 4 to 20 mA DC signal corresponding to the measured pressure differential.

The main performance:

1. Yokogawa pressure transmitter is widely uesed for  measure medium : oil  water, 316 stainless  steel and 304 stainless steel Compatible paste medium. EJA118 pressure transmitter can  corrosion resistance
 2. Original pressure transmitter have high accuracy and steady  and Linear, high temperature stability;. 

EJA118N-pressure transmitter   (2).jpg

EJA118N-pressure transmitter   (3).jpg

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