4-20ma Pt100 Rosemount 248 Temperature Transmitter

main specification :

Inputs :
User-selectable; sensor terminals rates to 42.4 Vdc. See
“Transmitter Accuracy and Ambient Temperature Effects” on page 8 for sensor options 


2-wire 4–20 mA, linear with temperature or input; digital output signal superimposed on 4–20 mA signal, available for a Field Communicator or control system interface.


Input/output isolation tested to 500 Vac rms (707 Vdc) at 50/60 Hz

Temperature Limits
Operating Limit
• –40 to 85 °C (–40 to 185 °F)
Storage Limit
• –50 to 120 °C (–58 to 248 °F)

Basic information :

The Rosemount 248 temperature transmitter has a standard transmitter design that provides flexible and reliablie performance in process environments.
Transmitter features include:
• HART / 4-20 mA communication protocol
• DIN B style head mount and Rail Mount transmitter types
• Variety of DIN B enclosure options
• Sanitary Connection Heads available (Option Code F and S)
• 3-Point Calibration Certificate (Option Code Q4)
• Assemble to Sensor options (Option Code XA)

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