About Our Holiday Schedule

we inform clients our holiday time here and our holiday schedule from April 29th to  2nd  may .

But , you can send inuiry to us during holiday and we will try to give feedback to you early .

Our  competitive advantage products as below : 

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Temperature Instrument

Pressure  Instrument

YokogawaEJA110A/ EJA530A / EJA430A /EJA120A/EJX110A / EJX530A ...  Transmitter

Rosemount 475

Rosemount 3051CD /2051 CD/ 1151 /3051S... Transmitters  

Rosemount     3144P  644  248 Temperatue transmitter  

Rosemount  flowmeters


UE switch H100-190 / H100-191 / H100-192 J120-190 / J120-191 / J400-  ......

Honeywell  pressure transmitter 


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