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Basic Info

  • HS Code:9026209000

Product Description

For gaseous and liquid media which are not highly viscous, do not crystallize and are not aggressive. For high measuring accuracy, When measuring gas or vapor, the instruments must be used in accordance with the safety recommendations of EN 837-2 (see appendix).

Type: D 4
Nominal size: 160 - 250
Accuracy class (EN 837-1/6): 0.6
Ranges (EN 837-1/5): -1/0 bar to -1/+15 bar, 0/0.6 to 0/600 bar
Calibration medium: < 40 bar: Air > 40 bar: Water
Application area: Static load; 3/4 x full scale value; Dynamic load; 2/3 x full scale value; Short term; Full scale value
Operating temperature range: Medium: Tmax = +60 &#176; C
Ambient: Tmin = -20 &#176; C

Tmax = +60 &#176; C

Temperature performance: 

Indication error when the temperature of the measuring element deviates from 20 &#176; C: Rising temp. Approx. &#177; 0.4 %/10 K falling temp. Approx. &#177; 0.4 %/10 K percentage of full scale value

Protection: IP 54 (EN 60529)

Standard version:
Connection: Brass, bottom or bottom back (only NG 160)G1/2B~ spanner size 22(EN 837-1/7.3)
Measuring element: Bourdon tube element, < 100 bar"C" type bourdon tube, copper alloy > 100 bar helical tube, stainless steel 316 Ti or 316 L
Movement: Brass/nickel silver jewel bearing
Dial: Aluminium, white, Dial marking black
Pointer: Knife edge pointer, Aluminium, black
Housing: Stainless steel 304
Bayonet type bezel: Stainless steel 304
Front glass: Plastic (PMMA)

Glycerine filling (NG 160/type D 8)
Wetted parts stainless steel (type D 4 x 2)
Laminated safety front glass (NG 160)
Back flange (NG 160)
3-hole fixing, panel mounting bezel (NG 160)
Damping screw

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