China UE Pressure Switch Supplier Manufacturer

China UE pressure switch  supplier  Manufacturer 

Feature :

• 1, 2 & 3 switch outputs

• epoxy-coated enclosure designed to meet enclosure type 4X

• Wide variety of pressure sensors and materials

• setting via reference dial or hex screw adjustment

• fm approved

• adjustable ranges: "WC ranges: 300 "wc vacuum to 250 “wc pressure (-746,7 to 622,3 mbar)

Pressure: 30 “Hg Vac to 6000 psi (-1,0 to 413,7 bar)

Differential Pressure: 1"wcd to 200 psid (2.5 mbar to 13,8 bar)

Temperature: -180 to 650 °F (-117.8 to 343.3 °C)

Key Description ;

1. (ON / OFF) Run key: key system operation, parameter setting must be closed to run the key, otherwise it is set can not be.

2. (SET) SET key: press this button to enter the upper pressure limit setting mode, press 3 seconds to enter the system setup state.

3. Increase key (▲): increase in the number key once 0.01MP, long press 2 seconds after the increase in the number 0.1MPa.

4. Lower key (▼): Key figures once reduced 0.01MP, long press 2 seconds after the digital reduced 0.1MPa.