Differential Pressure Transmitter

Differential pressure transmitter 

The Yokogawa EJA-110Ais a high-performance differential pressure transmitter with a compact and robust stainless steel electronics housing. The output is 4-20 mA including HART® protocol (HART® 7.0). Programming can be done very easy with the unique one touch programming button and the graphic display. No test pressure is needed.

Features of EJA110A

 Aluminium housing

  Easy adjustable without

 testpressure by 1 button

Turndown up to 100:1

 Graphic display with bargraph

 and backlight

 HART® protocol (HART® 7)

 Local display (option)

 Wide range of 

 “Chemical seals”

Intrinsically safe ATEX

II1G Ex ia IIC T6 Ga and IECEx

The multilingual graphic display can indicate various engineering units including the process temperature. The output is also shown in a bargraph. Damping times can be adjusted and a 4-20 mA current simulation can be performed. For flow measurement a square root function is built-in.

A tank linearisation can easily be programmed for level measurement. The EJA110A has ATEX II1G Ex ia IIC T6 Ga and IECEx approvals. A 3-way or 5-way stainless steel manifold can also be supplied.