Eja210A Eja220A Flange Mounted Differential Pressure transmitters Supplier Manufacturer

Basic Info

Model NO.:EJA210A-DMWJ1A5A-92NN

Yokogawa EJA210A and yokogawa EJA220A flange installation type differential pressure transmitter used to measure the liquid containing solid and precipitation and the liquid level and density of steam, then transform it into a 4-20 madc current signal output. Yokogawa EJA210A and yokogawa EJA220A can also through the BRAIN hand operator or CENTUM CS/mu XL or rosemount HART 475 hand operator mutual communication, through them to set and monitor, etc.

Application type Model diaphragm capsule Measurement(KPa) The maximum

Product Description

Output :

Two wire 4 to 20 mA DC output with digital communications, linear or square root programmable. BRAIN or HART FSK protocol are superimposed on the 4 to 20 mA signal.

Reference Accuracy:0.065 % 

Power Supply Effects :

0.005 % per Volt (from 21.6 to 32 V DC, 350 )

Stability :

0.1 % of URL per 60 months (M, H and V capsules)

0.2 % of URL per 12 months (L capsule)