Emerson 475 Field Communicator

475 Field Communicator

The 475 Field Communicator can communicate with a device from the control room, on the bench, or any wiring termination point in the loop. Connect the 475 Field Communicator with the appropriate connectors in parallel with the device or load resistor.

The HART connectors are not polarity sensitive.

A minimum of 250 ohms resistance must be present in the HART loop for the 475 Field Communicator to function properly. 

For information about Intrinsically Safe connections, see Appendix B.

The Field Communicator Easy Upgrade Utility on the Resource CD or DVD lets you download new system software and device descriptions to upgrade your 475 Field Communicator at your site. To download new system software and device descriptions, your 475 Field  Communicator must be licensed for Easy Upgrade

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