Flange Smart Vortex Flow Meter China supplier exporter

Basic Info

Model NO.:HLUG


Main Application:Water, Diesel Fuel, Nature Gas



Application:Industrial Production

Type:Vortex Flow Meter

Measuring Media:Gas

Measuring Principle:Electrical Principles

Measurement Object:Closed Pipeline

Certification:CE, ISO

Package:Carton/Plywood Box




Function:with Temperature & Pressure Compensation


Measuring Medium:Liquid/Gas/Steam

Power Supply:24V/Battery

Body Material:Ss304

HS Code:9026100000

Production Capacity:5000 PCS/Year


1. Caliber of flowmeter should be chosen according to max working flow Qv; to get much wider working
flow range, max working flow should be not less than 1/2 of rated max flow Qmax. Corresponding
reynold number range of linear flow range is 2 * 104 ~ 7 8*106.
For liquid, please look up in sheet 2 according to picture 9; for gas please work out flow range under
working conditions according to picture 10, looking up in sheet 2.
2. Change flow under standard conditions into flow under working conditions
(1) Change density ρn under standard conditions into ρ under working conditions
(2) Calculate flow Q under working conditions
a. Find out Qv by Qn under standard conditions
b. Find out Qv by mass flow Qm
3. Conversion between Dynamic viscosity μ and moving viscosity v
ρ -density under working conditions (kg/m3)
ρn- density under standard conditions (kg/m3)
P - pressure under working conditions (MPa)
T - temperature under working conditions (°C)
Qv - flow under working conditions (m3/h)
Qn - flow under standard conditions (m3/h)
Qm - mass flow (kg/h)