Honeywell Differential Pressure Transmitter

Main specification :

Process Head Material :

Plated Carbon Steel   / 316 Stainless Steel / Hastelloy C-276 Monel 400

Diaphragm Material :

316L Stainless Steel  Hastelloy® C-276 B Monel® 400  Tantalum

316L Stainless Steel  Hastelloy C-276  Monel 400   Tantalum

Hastelloy C-276  Tantalum   Monel® 400

Analog Output:

4-20mA dc  / 4-20mA dc

Digital Protocol:

HART Protocol / DE Protocol

Basic Information :

Honeywell Pressure transmitter (STD700 pressure transmitter) refers to the output as the standard signal pressure sensor, is a kind of pressure variable to accept the proportion of the standard output signal to the instrument. It can be measured by the sensor sensor gas, liquid and other physical pressure parameters into a standard electrical signals (such as 4 ~ 20mADC, etc.) to provide instructions to the alarm, recorder, regulator and other secondary instruments to measure, indicating And process adjustment.

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