New Best Price 2016 About Our Products

This is  Xi’an Xinyuan Industrial Equipment Co.,Ltd in China.
We are a leading company with 10years' experience in below products export business.We have many customer in the world .

Our main sale products as below :

  • Temperature Instrument

  • Pressure Instrument

  • YokogawaEJA110A/ EJA530A / EJA430A /EJA120A/EJX110A / EJX530A ... Transmitter

  • Rosemount 475

  • Rosemount 3051CD /2051 CD/ 1151... Transmitters 

  • Rosemount flowmeters 

  • Flowmeter

  • UE switch H100-190 / H100-191 / H100-192 J120-190 / J120-191 / J400- ......

  • Honeywell pressure transmitter


Note : 

1. we have professional technical department for test products and service customer .

2. Please try to purchase our products as a small order .meanwhile , you can compare the price and products quanlity with your regular supplier .

3. our products are very good and our products also export to Europe  and Middle east market. we have many customer there .



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