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Basic Information :

Pressure transmitter is most commonly used in industrial practice a sensor, which should be widely

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Used in various industrial automation environment, involving water conservancy and hydropower, railway transportation, intelligent buildings, production automation, aerospace, military, petrochemical, oil, electricity, shipbuilding, machine tools pipeline and many other industries. Here are some simple principles and application of commonly used pressure transmitter, pressure transmitter is used to measure liquid, gas, or liquid level, density and pressure steam, and then converting the pressure signal into 4 ~ 20mA DC signal output.

Pressure transmitters are mainly capacitive pressure transmitter and diffused silicon pressure transmitter, ceramic pressure transmitter, pressure transmitter strain. Pressure Transmitter Pressure range can be divided according to the general pressure transmitter (0.001MPa ~ 35MPa) and a differential pressure transmitter (0 ~ 1.5kPa), the negative pressure transmitter three.

The main role of the pressure transmitter pressure signals to the electronic device, and then the computer displays the pressure of the principle generally: the mechanical signal into a current pressure of this pressure (4-20mA) Such electronic signal 

pressure and voltage or current size of the linear relationship is generally positive relationship. Therefore, the output voltage or current transducer with pressure increases thereby obtain two kinds of pressure measured media pressure and a voltage or current relationship leads to high pressure transmitter, two low pressure chamber, low pressure chamber with atmospheric pressure or vacuum acting on the δ yuan (ie, sensor) of both sides of the diaphragm, is transferred to the measurement on both sides of the diaphragm and filling liquid through the spacer element inside.

Pressure transmitter is a measuring electrode on both sides of the diaphragm and the insulating sheet on the various components of a capacitor. When both sides of the pressure is inconsistent, resulting in a displacement measuring diaphragm, which is proportional to the amount of displacement and the pressure difference, so both sides of the electric capacity will not wait, by shaking and demodulation links.

The main advantage

1, the pressure transmitter with reliable, stable performance characteristics;

2, dedicated V / I integrated circuit, peripheral devices, high reliability, easy maintenance, easy, small size, light weight, installation is very easy;

3, alloy shell, three-terminal isolation, electrostatic spray protective layer, durable;

4,4-20mA DC two-wire signal transmission, anti-interference ability, transmission distance;

5, LED, LCD, three kinds of indicator head pointer, live reading is very convenient. Can be used to measure the viscosity, crystallization and corrosive media;

6, high accuracy, high stability. In addition to imported original sensor has a laser correction, but on the whole within the temperature range of integrated temperature drift, non-linearity fine compensation.