Promotion Products

Xi'an Precision Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd  is a leading company with many years' experience in ROSEMOUNT, YOKOGAWA and UE Switch,export business.Our products which enjoy popularity in the world markets.We specialize in offering following products:

YokogawaEJA110A/ EJA530A / EJA430A /EJA120A/EJX110A / EJX530A ... Transmitter

Yokogawa temperature transmitter  YTA110A  YTA510  YTA320 YTA310 ...

Rosemount 475

Rosemount 3051CD /2051 CD/ 1151... Transmitters

Rosemount temperature transmitter    3144P  248  644

UE switch   H100-180   H100-190  H100-192  J120 -190 J120-192  ........