Rosemount 1151dp Differential Pressure Transmitter Supplier

 1151 pressure transmitter type  :

• Model 1151DP— Differential Pressure Transmitter measures differential pressure from 6 inH2O to 1,000 psi (1.493 to 6895 kPa).

• Model 1151HP— Differential Pressure Transmitter for High Line Pressures measures high line pressures from 25 inH 2O to 300 psi (6.22 to 2668 kPa).

• Model 1151GP— Gage Pressure Transmittermeasures gage pressure from 6 inH2O to 6,000 psi (1.493 to 41369 kPa).

• Model 1151AP— Absolute Pressure Transmitter measures absolute pressure from 25 inH2O to 1,000 psi (6.22 to 6895 kPa).

Transmitter Specifications:


Code E, Analog

4–20 mA dc, linear with process pressure.

Code G, Analog

10–50 mA dc, linear with process pressure.

Code J, Analog

4–20 mA dc, square root of differential input pressure between 4 and 100% of input. Linear with differential input pressure between 0 and 4% of input.

Code L, Low Power

0.8 to 3.2 V dc, linear with process pressure.

Code M, Low Power

1 to 5 V dc, linear with process pressure.

Accuracy :

Output Codes E, G, L, and M

±0.2% of calibrated span for Model 1151DP Ranges 3 through 5.

All other ranges and transmitters, ±0.25% of calibrated span. Output Code J

±0.25% of calibrated span.

Isolating Diaphragms :

316L SST or Alloy C-276

Stability :

Output Codes E and G

±0.2% of URL for six months for Ranges 3 through 5. (±0.25 for all other ranges.)

Electronics Housing :

Low-copper aluminium. NEMA 4X. IP 65, IP 66.

Power Supply :

External power supply required. Transmitter operates on:

12 to 45 V dc with no load for Output Codes E and J. 30 to 85 V dc with no load for Output Code G.

5 to 12 V dc for Output Code L. 8 to 14 V dc for Output Code M.

Basic Information :

BThe 1151 offers a variety of configurations fordifferential, gage, absolute and liquid- level measurements including integrated solutions forpressure, level, and flow. High pressure models allow static line pressures up to 4500 psi (310 bar).Multiple wetted materials, as well as alternative fill fluids ensure process compatibility. Smart, analog and low-power electronics are available to meet specific application requirements.

With over eight million transmitters installed worldwide, the Rosemount 1151 continues to offer industry leading value. Changing customer needs and new technologies have driven product improvements, while advanced manufacturing and testing processes have guaranteed product quality. The Rosemount 1151 is world-renowned for proven field reliability and longevity.

Dimensional Drawings :

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