Rosemount 3051TG Pressure Transmitter buyer wholesale

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:3051TG

  • Display:Digital

  • Function:Local Indication Type, EL

  • Accuracy:0.1

  • Indicating Pressure Reference:Differential Pressure Gauge

  • Application:Industrial, Civil

  • Structure:Fluid Column Pressure Gauge

  • Connection Type:Radial Direction

  • Measuring Range:Medium-Pressure Gauge

  • Trademark:CHE

  • Specification:IEC

  • Origin:Cn

  • HS Code:9026201090

Product Description

3051 Pressure Transmitter
Services: Liquid; Gas and Steam Function:
Pressure Measurement Accuracy: 0.1%
F. S. Indicator: LED
1)Wide Capability: 0-0.1Bar~2000Bar
2)Good stablity: < 0.1%F. S
3)High accuracy: < 0.1%F. S.

3051 Series Intelligent Hart Communication Pressure Transmitter

Model types selection:
3051CD type differential pressure transmitter
3051HP type high static pressure transmitter
3051CG type pressure (With negative pressure) transmitter
3051CA type absolutely pressure transmitter
3051L type Flanged Level Transmitter
3051CG/CA type with long-distance transmission device differential and absolute
Pressure transmitter

Technical specification
(Silicone oil in the filling, 316L stainless steel diaphragm, under the condition of Range Rate 1: 1)

1, Digital Signal: 0.1%
2, Analog Signal: 0.1%~0.2%
3, Micro-Range(&#8804; 1.5kPa): 0.2%

Ambient temperature influence / 28 C
Range Rate 1: 1 to 10: 1: &#8804; 0.2%
Micro-Range(&#8804; 1.5kPa): 0.5%

Static pressure influence(differential pressure transmitter)
1, Zero error(Can eliminate under the static pressure status)
Static pressure from 0~13.7MPa: 0.2%/6.9MPa
Static pressure over 13.7MPa: 0.5%/6.9MPa
2, Range error: 0.25%/6.9MPa

Positive and negative transfer
Max positive transfer is 500% than min adjustment range.
Max negative transfer is 600% than min adjustment range.
After positive and negative transfer, the upper limit range, lower limit range
Didn't over the limit range.

(0.2%FS/year range rate 1: 1)

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