Rosemount 475 Hart And Field Communicator China Supplier

Rosemount 475  Hart  and  Field  Communicator Honest supplier 

Basic information of Rosemount 475 :

  1. Full-color graphical user interface .

  2. Powerful field diagnostics 

  3. Bluetooth commanication .

  4. Long-lasting lithium-lonpower module 

  5. Universal support for HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus devices .

HART Communicator features

1, on-line monitoring and communication During the communication, the modulation signal is not interrupted 4 ~ 20mA DC signal

2, using the HART communications protocol and the instrument can be shared

HART275 type HART Communicator can be used with HART communication protocol using all the instruments

3, easy to operate A large display screen (4 lines, 18 characters per line), using the Chinese display, the user looked at a glance, easy to set up and change

4, self-diagnostic information / protection Self-check function

Formatting password protection

Low voltage alarm display