UE United Electric SPDT Pressure Switches- Supplier Manufacturer

Technical specification :


 -100Kpa ~ 200MPa;

Supply voltage:

12 ~ 35V DC (24V DC calibration voltage) / AC 220vAC power supply

Output relay capacity:

 380V 3A, 220V 5A, 24V DC 5A and so on


better than 0.0.5% FS, 1% FS and other

Setting range: 

Full range can be set

Sampling rate:

10 times / sec (can be customized according to customer requirements required speed).

Interface thread:

M20 * 1.5, G1 / 4, G1 / 2,1 / 4NPT (can be customized according to customer needs)

Basic Character Description :

The 120 Series offers a variety of pressure, vacuum, differential pressure and temperatureranges, as well as process connections,wetted materials and sensor types. With a common flexible platform, models can quickly be adapted at the factory for special requirements, such as ranges, process connections and electrical ratings. Typical industries using 120 Series switches include chemical, petrochemical, refinery, oil and gas production and transmission, and pharmaceuticals.