Wika Temperature Gauge Bimetal Thermometer Model 55, Stainless Steel Supplier

wika temperature gauge Bimetal thermometer Model 55, stainless steel version

Unit price : 200-780USD       Min Order : 1 piece 

Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, Western Union .

Delivery time : 2-3weeks 


Measuring element : Bimetal coil

Nominal size in mm : 63, 100, 160

Connection designs :

S Standard (male threaded connection)

1 Plain stem (without thread)

2 Male nut

3 Union nut

4 Compression fitting (sliding on stem)

5 Union nut and loose threaded connection

Scale ranges from : -70 ... +600 °C

Individual stem length from  :63 ... 1,000 mm

Basic Information :

The model 55 bimetal thermometer has been developed and is manufactured in accordance with the EN 13190 standard.The high-quality thermometer has been designed especially for the requirements of the process industry. Especially in the chemical and petrochemical, oil and gas, and power engineering industries, the temperature measuring instrument completely manufactured from stainless steel isused successfully.

The model 55 satisfies the high requirements for resistanceagainst aggressive media. As an option, the case, the stem and the process connection can be made from 316Ti(1.4571) to  fulfil the highest requirements.

To allow optimum fitting to the process, individual insertion lengths and different process connections can be selected.When it comes to harsh climatic conditions at the place of use, the model 55 is the right choice, as it can be used at temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +70 °

Dimensions in mm

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