Yokogawa Eja110A Differential Pressure Transmitter good price

Yokogawa Eja110A Differential Pressure Transmitter good price ;

Basic Info

Model NO.:EJA110A-DLH4A-92DA

Type:Micro - Differential Pressure Transmitter


Measuring Medium:Liquid

Accuracy Grade:1.0G

Pressure range:0~1.5kPa

IP Rating:IP20



Package:Standard Export Package. Original Yokogawa Package

Place of Origin:Japan

Brand Name:Yokogawa

Model Number:EJA110A-DIH4A-92DA

Accuracy:±0.065% of Span

Certificates:CE & ISO

Application:for Wide Application Testing Pr

Communication Protocols:Brain, Hart, Foundation Field....

Span:up to 14MPa

Output Range:3.6 Ma to 21.6 Ma

Ambient Temperature Limits:25 to 80

Production Capacity:300 Pieces Per Week

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;Model EJA110A Differential Pressure Transmitter  ; ;
EJA110A-DLS4A-92DA  ;  ;EJA110A-DLH4A-92DA  ; EJA110A-DLS4A-22DC  ;EJA110A-DLH4A-22DC
EJA110A-DLS5A-92DA  ;  ;EJA110A-DLH5A-92DA  ; EJA110A-DLS5A-22DC  ;EJA110A-DLH5A-22DC
EJA110A-DLS4A-92NA  ;  ;EJA110A-DLH4A-92NA  ; EJA110A-DLS4A-22NC  ;EJA110A-DLH4A-22NC
EJA110A-DLS5A-92NA  ;  ;EJA110A-DLH5A-92NA  ; EJA110A-DLS5A-22NC  ;EJA110A-DLH5A-22NC
EJA110A-ELS4A-92DA  ;  ;EJA110A-ELH4A-92DA  ; EJA110A-ELS4A-22DC  ; EJA110A-ELH4A-22DC
EJA110A-ELS5A-92DA  ;  ;EJA110A-ELH5A-92DA  ; EJA110A-ELS5A-22DC  ; EJA110A-ELH5A-22DC
EJA110A-ELS4A-92NA  ;  ;EJA110A-ELH4A-92NA  ; EJA110A-ELS4A-22NC  ; EJA110A-ELH4A-22NC
EJA110A-ELS5A-92NA  ;  ;EJA110A-ELH5A-92NA  ; EJA110A-ELS5A-22NC  ; EJA110A-ELH5A-22NC