Yokogawa pressure transmitter Eja115-DMS400A-92na Eja115 Eja110 Eja530 Eja115

Basic Info

Model NO.:EJA115

Type:Micro - Differential Pressure Transmitter


Measuring Medium:Liquid

Accuracy Grade:1.0G

Pressure range:0~1.5kPa

IP Rating:IP20



Place of Origin:Japan

Brand Name:Yokogawa

Model Number:Eja110, Eja120, Eja115, Eja118

Accuracy:±0.065% of Span

Certificates:CE & ISO

Application:for Wide Application Testing Pr

Communication Protocols:Brain, Hart, Foundation Field....

Span:up to 14MPa

Output Range:3.6 Ma to 21.6 Ma

Ambient Temperature Limits:25 to 80

1.Excellent performance and stability
2.Fieldbus communication capability
3.Professional manufacturer

Key features

Excellent performance and stability

The EJA series uses a silicon resonant sensor formed from monocrystal silicon, a perfect material which has no hysteresis in pressure or temperature changes. The sensor minimizes overpressure, temperature change, and static pressure effects, and thus offers unmatched long-term stability.

Compact and light-weight design

Half the weight of conventional models thanks to miniaturization of the casing with the amplifier ASIC, pressure cell structure, and flange. The ASIC uses the minimum number of parts and improves the reliability of the amplifier.

Fieldbus communication capability

Fieldbus is a digital two-way communication system. It is a revolutionary technology for configuring instrumentation control systems and a promising successor to the standard 4 to 20 mA analog communication used in most field instruments today.
EJA series offers two types of fieldbus models, FOUNDATION™ fieldbus Low Voltage Mode and PROFIBUS PA devices, which ensure interoperability between Yokogawa and other manufactures. As for software, the EJA series incorporates two AI function blocks that compute differential and static pressures to allow flexible configuration of instrumentation

EJA115 Low Flow Transmitter

L Capsule

M Capsule

H Capsule

Water equivalent

0.016 to 7.2 l/min

0.022 to 23 l/min

0.07 to 33 l/min

Air equivalent flow

0.44 to 198 Nl/min

0.63 to 635 Nl/min

2 to 910 Nl/min

Differential pressure span

1 to 10 kPa

2 to 100 kPa

20 to 210 kPa

(2 to 40 inH2O)

(8 to 400 inH2O)

(80 to 840 inH2O)





Degrees of protection

IP67, NEMA 4X, and JIS C0920 immersion proof




4 to 20 mA DC or FOUNDATION™ fieldbus or PROFIBUS PA 2-wire system with digital communication

Supply voltage

BRAIN and HART:10.5 to 42 V DC (10.5 to 30 V DC for Intrinsically safe type)

Fieldbus:9 to 32 V DC (9 to 24 V DC for Entity model and 9 to 17.5 V DC for FISCO model)

Ambient temperature

-40 to 85 deg C (-40 to 185 deg F) (general use type)

-30 to 80 deg C (-22 to 176 deg F) (with integral indicator)

Process temperature

-40 to 120 deg C (-40 to 248 deg F) (general use type)

Maximum working pressure

3.5 MPa

14 MPa

(500 psi)

(2000 psi)


2-inch pipe mounting

Wetted parts material


SUS316L(Diaphragm material is Hastelloy C-276)



Cover flange



Cast aluminum alloy or SUS316 equivalent stainless steel (optional)

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