2051T In-Line Pressure Transmitter

2051T In-Line Pressure Transmitter
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                 2051T  In-Line Pressure Transmitter



The transmitter requires much accuracy: Accuracy decisions are: the impact non-linearity, hysteresis, non-repeatability, temperature and zero offset calibration and temperature, the higher the precision, the higher the price. Each of the electronic meter will have a precision error, but due to the subject of each country is not the same level of accuracy.


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Innovative, integrated DP Flowmeters
Fully assembled and leak tested for out-of-the-box installation
Reduce straight pipe requirements, lower permanent pressure loss, and achieve
accurate measurement in small line sizes.

Up to 2.00% volumetric flow accuracy at 5:1 turndown

Proven, reliable, and innovative DP Level technologies
Connect to virtually any process with a comprehensive offering of process
connections, fill fluids, direct mount or capillary connections and materials.
Quantify and optimize total system performance with QZ option.
Optimize level measurement with cost efficient Tuned-System Assemblies.

Instrument manifolds – quality, convenient, and easy
Designed and engineered for optimal performance with Rosemount transmitters
Save installation time and money with factory assembly.
Offers a variety of styles, materials, and configurations


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