3051 Pressure Transmitter With 1199 Diaphragm Seal

3051 Pressure Transmitter With 1199 Diaphragm Seal
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                                               3051 Pressure Transmitter With 1199 Diaphragm Seal


Rosemount 1199 Remote Flange Level Transmitter Replacement Yokogawa EJA Honeywell E+H for power, environmental,

water treatment,food, pharmaceutical, oil, gas, chemical .The flanges of the remote flange pressure and differential pressure

transmitter are thick, thin, long and short. The flange size, material, type of oil filling, range of the transmitter and other factors

will affect the measurement accuracy and dynamics of the transmitter. Response. Users can change some selections and 

optimize calculations in SOAP software to select remote flange pressure with integrated performance, differential pressure

 transmitter .

Technical specifications :

Power Supply

 External power supply required. Standard transmitter (4-20 mA)

operates on 10.5 to 55 V dc with no load.


high Accuracy


Output signals

Two-wire 4-20 mA, user-selectable for linear or square root output.

Digital process variable superimposed on 4-20 mA signal,

available to any host that conforms to the HART protocol.


Display and Interface

 LCD Display for Aluminum Housing (Housing Codes A, B, C, and D only)

Wetted O-rings

Glass-filled PTFE or Graphite-filled PTFE



± 0.1% of rate over one year

Isolating Diaphragms

316L SST or Alloy C-276


Seal systems

Extension length :

Basic on customer need size


intrinsic safety (ia II CT6)

Flameproof type

(d II BT6)

Products pictures :

transmitter  (4)

transmitter  (6)

transmitter  (3)

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