3051 Pressure Transmitter With One 1199 Diaphragm Seal

3051 Pressure Transmitter With One 1199 Diaphragm Seal
Product Details

                                 3051 pressure transmitter with one 1199 Diaphragm Seal

Descriptions :

Intelligent remote differential pressure transmitter In order to meet different needs, 3051TG remote transmission

 pressure transmitter has many forms of remote transmission device. The main structure is the same as differential

pressure transmitter, widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, Food, paper, municipal engineering and

 other industries.

  Tecnical specification :

Protective features

 protection IP65

Type of explosion protection

flameproof type Exd II BT4-6
Intrinsically Safe Exia II CT5

Mounting position 

The diaphragm is not mounted vertically and may produce a zero error of less than 0.24KPa, but it can be corrected by zeroing.

Indicator table (%)

  LCD digital display accuracy ± 0.2%

Output signals

4–20 mA Digital HART signal




± 0.1% of rate over one year


Low-copper aluminum (FM Type 4X, CSA Type 4X, IP66)

Optional SST housing


316/316L lap joint

Measurement accuracy

±0.1% of the calibration range, ±0.2

Products photos :

3051TG  1199  (2)

3051TG  1199  (3)

3051TG  1199  (1)

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