3051C Coplanar Pressure Transmitter

3051C Coplanar Pressure Transmitter
Product Details

                     3051C Coplanar Pressure Transmitter



• Best-in-Class performance with up to 0.04%
   reference accuracy
• Industry first installed five-year stability
• Unmatched Dynamic Performance
• Coplanar™ platform enables integrated
   pressure, flow, and level solutions
• Advanced PlantWeb® Functionality to
   increase plant productivity

Specifications :

Proven best-in-class performance, reliability and safety
• Over 4 million installed
• Meet your application needs with extensive offering
• Real world total performance of ±0.15%
• Reference accuracy of ±0.04%
Maximize Installation Flexibility with Coplanar Platform
• Improve reliability and performance with integrated DP Flowmeters, DP Level
and manifolds
• Easy installation with all solutions fully assembled, leak-tested and calibrated
• Meet your application needs with an unsurpassed offering

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