3051L One Flange Pressure Transmitter

3051L One Flange Pressure Transmitter
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                                     3051L one flange pressure transmitter


The main features of the single flange pressure transmitter are strong against overload and impact resistance. 

The overvoltage can reach several times the range. Even the hard object directly hits the measuring component 

without causing damage, and has no effect on the measurement accuracy.

High stability, better than 0.1% of full scale every year, this technical indicator has reached the level of intelligent

 pressure gauge; temperature drift is small, because the medium in the pressure measuring component is eliminated

the sensor not only obtains high measurement accuracy, but also Very little affected by temperature gradients;

The pressure transmitter has wide applicability, convenient installation and maintenance, and can be installed at any 


Technical specifications :


Main technical indicators of single flange pressure transmitter

Measuring range: -100KPa~60MPa

Accuracy level: 0.1, 0.2, 0.5

Ambient temperature: -40 to 70 ° C


Medium temperature: -40 ~ 125 ° C (temperature compensation -20 ~ 80 ° C)

Long-term stability: better than 0.1% F. S/year

Working voltage: 12.5 ~ 36VDC - AC220v

Output signal: 4-20mA (two-wire system) 0/1-5VDC (three-wire system)

Range migration: can perform a standard range of 10:1 migration

Vibration effect: on any axis, 200Hz/g is 0.01%F. S

Transmitter protection rating: IP65

Anti-explosion: iaIICT4, intrinsically safe

Associated device: LB802

Material: The shell is molded aluminum

The diaphragm is 96% alumina ceramic

Process connection is 316L stainless steel

Sealing ring: nitrile rubber, silicone rubber, fluoro rubber

·Accuracy level: 0.25 basic error ±0.25%

·Nonlinear error: 0.3 level ≤ ±0.3% FS

· Hysteresis error: ≤ ± 0.3% FS

· Output characteristics:

10-10mA output, load resistance 0-15KΩ

24-20mA output, load resistance 0-600Ω

3 constant current output internal resistance is greater than 10MΩ

4 two-wire 4-20mA output: standard power supply DC24V

·Explosion-proof mark: (RPT-III): Exia II CT4-6

◆Features of diffused silicon pressure transmitter

High precision, high precision up to 0.1% FS, optional external zero point and full scale adjustment, suitable for 

measuring low pressure range,

3051L Dimensional Drawings:


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3051L one flange pressure transmitter

3051L one flange pressure transmitter

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