3051S High Accuracy Pressure Transmitter

3051S High Accuracy Pressure Transmitter
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Product Details

                                               3051S high accuracy pressure  transmitter

3051S Discriptions :

TheRosemount 3051S pressure transmitter series meets the requirements of every application.

and it's flexible measurement platform is where the transmitter is successful. Whether you use flow, liquid level, 

or pressure applications, the Rosemount 3051S super die head is the core to construct your measuring instrument. 

What you get is an instrument that is assembled, calibrated, and tested in accordance with Rosemount's strictest 

standards with the valve block and a single measurement element, and it is truly ready to use.

Transmitter specifications :

Brand :


3051S Transmitter Type

High accuracy pressure transmitter

3051S  Accuracy

0.04% accuracy and 10-year stability make the instrument virtually maintenance-free

Measuring medium

 Liquid and gas

Protection class

Protection class IP66/IP67


4–20 mA with digital signal based on HART protocol


2valve ,3 valve  and 5valve Manifold  or 1199 seal

Housing material

Aluminum  or  stainless steel  material

Power Supply

External power supply required. Standard transmitter (4-20 mA)operates on 10.5 to 55 V dc with no load.

Degrees of Protection

IP67, NEMA4X, JIS C0920 immersion proof

Name plate and tag

SUS304 or SUS316 (option)

Transmitter display

LCD Display


intrinsic safety (ia II CT6)

Flameproof type

(d II BT6)

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