3051S Scalable MultiVariable Transmitter

3051S Scalable MultiVariable Transmitter
Product Details

                                 3051S Scalable Coplanar Pressure Transmitter

Feature :

Innovative, Integrated DP Flowmeters
• Fully assembled and leak tested for out-of-the-box installation
• Lower installed costs by replacing 10 devices with one integrated flowmeter
• Reduce straight pipe requirements, lower permanent pressure loss, and
achieve accurate measurement in small line sizes
• Measure up to 14:1 flow turndown with % of reading performance


Specification :

The Rosemount 3051S Scalable MultiVariable Transmitter delivers unprecedented performance and capabilities by providing superior flowcalculations including fully compensated mass or volume, energy, and totalize flow. Specify the level of compensation that best matches the application:

• Gas, natural gas, and steam measurement: Utilize full compensation
(differential pressure, line pressure, and temperature measurement)
• Saturated steam: Utilize differential and line pressure, or differential
pressure and temperature measurement
• Liquids: Utilize differential pressure and temperature measurement
• Liquids at stable temperatures: Utilize differential pressure measurement


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