Differential Pressure Transmitter With 1199 Seal Diaphragm

Product Details

                                                  Differential pressure transmitter with 1199 seal diaphragm

Basic descriptions :

Rosemount 1199 remote diaphragm can be assembled to Rosemount 3051s, 3051, 1151 and 2088 differential pressure, 

gauge pressure and absolute pressure transmitters and liquid level transmitters.

A diaphragm seal system is composed of a pressure transmitter, a diaphragm seal, a filling fluid, and a directly installed 

or capillary type connection structure. During operation, a thin elastic diaphragm and filling fluid isolate the pressure 

sensitive components of the transmitter from the process medium. Capillary tubing or directly mounted flange connects 

the diaphragm to the transmitter .

Specifications :

Brand :


Transmitter Type


3051S  Accuracy

0.04% accuracy and 10-year stability make the instrument virtually maintenance-free

Measuring medium

 Liquid , gass and level

Protection class

Protection class IP66/IP67


4–20 mA with digital signal based on HART protocol


Two  1199 seal diaphragm

Housing material

Aluminum  or  stainless steel  material

Capillary length

2.5 meter

1199 Seal material

Stainless steel

Pressure range

-6350.0 MMH20  to  6350.0 MMH20

Transmitter display

LCD Display


intrinsic safety (ia II CT6)

Flameproof type

(d II BT6)

Products pictures :

3051 1199 (3)

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