Rosemount 1151DP Pressure Transmitter

Rosemount 1151DP Pressure Transmitter
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Rosemount 1151DP  Pressure Transmitter 

Feature :

1. Exquisite shape design;

2. High precision, wide variety, wide measuring range and good stability;

3. Adopt two-wire working mode, optional HART fieldbus protocol;

4. Using solid circuit components, the printed circuit board has a plug-in method;

5. Unique structural design, strong and strong earthquake resistance;

6. Range and zero can be continuously adjusted externally

The 1151DP differential pressure transmitter is a capacitive transmitter based on the principle of differential capacitance. The input pressure is 0~40KPa, 0~250KPa, etc. Use objects: liquids, gases and vapors. 

It has an explosion-proof and all-weather structure. Installation, use and adjustment are easy and simple. The terminals and the amplifying lines are placed in the upper, closable electrical chamber and are spaced apart from one another. Therefore, when wiring in the field, the amplifier still works in a sealed state. The amplifier circuit has reverse polarity protection to prevent damage to the transmitter due to incorrect connection.

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