Rosemount Smart 1151 Transmitter

Rosemount Smart 1151 Transmitter
Product Details

Rosemount Smart 1151 Transmitter

Main specification :

1151DP:Differential Pressure Transmitter

Pressure Range :

30 inH2O (7.46 kPa)         150 inH2O (37.3 kPa)

750 inH2O (186.4 kPa)      100 psi (689.5 kPa)

300 psi (2068 kPa)           1,000 psi (6895 kPa)

3,000 psi (20684 kPa)       6,000 psi (41369 kPa)

Transmitter Output: 

4–20 mA, Linear, Analog/Variable Damping

10–50 mA, Linear, Analog/Variable Damping

4–20 mA, Square Root, Analog/Variable Damping

0.8 to 3.2 V, Linear, Low Power/Fixed Damping

1 to 5 V, Linear, Low Power/Fixed Damping

In addition to the inherent characteristics of general capacitive transmitters, the 1151 series of intelligent capacitive transmitters have the following features:

·Intelligent electronic components consist of only one piece

· Turndown ratio 15:1 or 10:1


·Local button adjustment range and zero point

·Can update existing SAI-1151 (including 1151) various analog transmitters as smart meters

· Comply with HART protocol, HART communicator can communicate with this smart meter in two directions without interrupting output signal

· Two-way communication with the host in a distributed control system using the HART protocol

·With self-diagnosis and remote diagnostic function

·With EEPROM, not afraid of power loss and data loss

Basic information :

Rosemount Smart 1151 Transmitter is a microprocessor-based pressure meter that adds communication and other features to the traditional 1151 capacitive transmitter. Use a communicator or other host using the HART protocol to communicate (read, write, and diagnose) with the control room, transmitter, or anywhere in the same control loop.

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