Rosemount 3051 Single Flange Level Transmitter

Rosemount 3051 Single Flange Level Transmitter
Product Details

                                            Rosemount 3051 Single Flange Level Transmitter

Descriptions :

The diaphragm seal system is comprised of  3051 pressure transmitter, diaphragm seal, fill fluid, and  directly mounted or

capillary type connection. At working time, the Transmitter's pressure sensitive element is completely isolated from the medium 

of the process by a flexible diaphragm and filling fluid. Due to the silicone oil does not flow, the heat transfer is slow, and the

remote metal capillary acts as a heat transfer. The role of heat dissipation also prevents the corroded measured medium from 

directly contacting the measuring diaphragm for Rosemount 3051S, 3051, 2051 and 2088 transmitters, expanding the range of

 pressure transmitter applications.

Technical specifications :

Rosemount 3051 Single Flange Level Transmitter Accuracy :0.075% 

Calibration pressure range from 0.1inH20  to 2000psi 

Flange level transmitter 's Diaphragm meterial is Stainless steel and Hass alloy process isolation diaphragm

Filling liquid is Silicone oil and inert liquid 

Flat diaphragm type have  2, 4, and 6 '' extended diaphragm  and  Multiple filling liquids are available to meet different application requirements .

Wetted parts material : stainless steel, Hastel alloy and tantalum .

Products ' photos :

transmitter  (3)

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Single flange remote transmission level transmitter features:


1. Perform the simulation “online operation” each one  to confirm the transmitter works stably and reliably under the extreme ambient temperature, medium temperature and working pressure.


2,  In order to ensure the diaphragm will not be damaged after overload and use the " dynamic profile " remote transmission diaphragm structure . and meanwhile , the accuracy still maintain same after long-term work . 

3.   The filling system with full fusion welding and rigid sealing structure that is can avoid the occurrence of oil leakage.

4, the design of the new capillary joint components that  the capillary is reliably protected and not easy to break in the field.


5. Remote transmission devices with various varieties, forms and sizes, as well as a wide variety of filling liquids, can meet the measurement needs of various occasions.


6, can provide a variety of special needs products, including high temperature, high vacuum, fast response and unequal length capillary (length ≤ 3 meters) remote pressure transmitter.