Rosemount 3051TA Pressure Transmitter

Rosemount 3051TA Pressure Transmitter
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Product Details

Type :Rosemount 3051TG 3051TA Pressure Transmitter

Unit price : 500-1200USD       Min Order : 1 piece 

Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, Western Union .

Delivery time : 2-3weeks 

Transmitter Specifications:


Two-wire 4-20 mA, user-selectable for linear or square root output.Digital process variable superimposed 

on 4-20 mA signal,available to any host that conforms to the HART protocol.

Reference Accuracy :

±0.065% of span

±0.075% of span For spans less than 10:1,


±0.10% of URL for 12 months

Solating Diaphragms:

316L SST or Alloy C-276

Power Supply :

External power supply required. Standard transmitter (4-20 mA) operates on 10.5 to 55 V dc 

with no load.

Basic Information :

3051CA pressure transmitter itself contains a lot of information that cannot be changed, such as: type 

of transmitter (absolute pressure), limit value of sensor, version of transmitter software (factory setting),

minimum range, tank filling, isolation diaphragm material (customer selection range setting), in order 

to meet factory pressure standards

Daily maintenance

Choose the right location: when the pressure sensor's installation position is too close to the production line, the unmelted 

material may wear down the top of the sensor.If after the location of the sensors are installed in, between the sensor and

 the screw stroke may produce the stagnation of the molten material area, there is likely to produce degradation, melting

pressure signal may also transfer distortion;If the sensor is too deep into the cylinder, the screw may touch the top of the

 sensor during the rotation and cause damage.In general, the sensor can be located in the front of the tube, the front and

back of the melt pump or in the mold.

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