Rosemount Pressure Transmitter -3051CA

Rosemount Pressure Transmitter -3051CA
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Rosemount pressure Transmitter -3051CA

Unit price : 500-780USD       Min Order : 1 piece 

Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, Western Union .

Delivery time : 2-3weeks 

Main Specification :

3051CA :Coplanar Pressure Transmitter

Measurement Type :Absolute Pressure Transmitter

Pressure Range :

0 to 30 psia (0 to 2.1 bar)       0 to 150 psia (0 to 10.3 bar)

0 to 800 psia(0 to 55.2 bar)     0 to 4000 psia(0 to 275.8 bar)

Transmitter Output: 4–20 mA with Digital Signal Based on HART Protocol

Isolating Diaphragm :  316L SST     Alloy C-276

O-ring : Glass-filled PTFE        Graphite-filled PTFE

Sensor Fill Fluid :    Silicone      Inert (Differential and Gage only)

Housing Material :

Aluminum                    ½–14 NPT 

Aluminum                    M20 × 1.5 

SST                             ½–14 NPT

SST                             M20 × 1.5 

Basic Information :

Pressure transmitter (pressure transmitter) refers to the output as the standard signal pressure sensor,

 is a kind of pressure variable to accept the proportion of the standard output signal to the instrument. 

It can be measured by the sensor sensor 

gas, liquid and other physical pressure parameters into a standard electrical signals (such as 4 ~ 20mADC, etc.) 

to provide instructions to the alarm, recorder, regulator and other secondary instruments to measure, indicating And

 process adjustment.

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Feature :

Rosemount 3051 explosion-proof type pressure sensor shell adopts isolated explosion-proof design, safety 

explosion-proof circuit design, circuit adopts signal isolation amplifier, cutoff frequency interference design, 

strong anti-jamming capability, lightning protection) over voltage protection, current limiting protection,

 impact resistance, anticorrosion, small creatures, etc.316 stainless steel all-seal welding, compact, 

compact, good moisture-proof ability and excellent dielectric compatibility.

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