Rosemount Pressure Transmitter -3051CD

Rosemount Pressure Transmitter -3051CD
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Rosemount Pressure Transmitter -3051CD

Unit price : 500-780USD       Min Order : 1 piece 

Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, Western Union .

Delivery time : 2-3weeks 

Main specification :

3051C :Coplanar Pressure Transmitter

Measurement Type :Differential Pressure Transmitter

Pressure Range :

–25 to 25 inH2O (–62.2 to 62.2 mbar)    –250 to 250 inH2O (–623 to 623 mbar)

–1000 to 1000 inH2O (–2.5 to 2.5 bar)    –300 to 300 psi (–20.7 to 20.7 bar)

–2000 to 2000 psi (–137.9 to137.9 bar)

Transmitter Output: 4–20 mA with Digital Signal Based on HART Protocol

Isolating Diaphragm :  316L SST     Alloy C-276

O-ring : Glass-filled PTFE        Graphite-filled PTFE

Sensor Fill Fluid :    Silicone      Inert (Differential and Gage only)

Housing Material :

Aluminum                    ½–14 NPT 

Aluminum                    M20 × 1.5 

SST                            ½–14 NPT

SST                           M20 × 1.5 

Basic Information :

Industry’s best total performance, a flexible Coplanar platform, and installed

five-year stability has made Rosemount 3051 the standard for Differential,

Gage, and Absolute pressure measurement. Select from the following

capabilities for seamless integration:

• Performance up to 0.04% accuracy

• Manifolds, Primary Elements and Seal Solutions

• 4-20 mA HART, 1-5 Vdc HART low power, FOUNDATION fieldbus, and

Profibus PA protocols

• Calibrated spans/ranges from 0.1 inH2O to 4000 psi

(0,25 mbar to 276 bar)

• 316 SST, Alloy C-276, Alloy 400, Tantalum, Gold-Plated Alloy 400 or

316L SST wetted materials

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Daily maintenance

Carefully clean;All sensors should be removed before using a wire brush or special compound to clean the extruder barrel.Both types of cleaning may cause damage to the sensor's vibrating membrane.When the barrel was heated, should also won't produce the wear sensor is removed and the use of the soft cloth to wipe the top of the sensor hole also needs a drilling machine with clean and clean

 up the guide bush.

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