Single Flange Level Transmitter-rosemount

Single Flange Level Transmitter-rosemount
Product Details

                              Single flange level transmitter-rosemount

Despritions :

The single flange liquid level transmitter is a high-performance measuring instrument. It is a new type of transmitter 

that our company introduces foreign advanced technology and equipment. The key raw materials, components and 

parts are imported from the factory. The whole machine is strictly assembled and Test, the product has advanced

design principles, complete specifications, easy to install and use. Through the liquid level mounting flange, the

transmitter can be directly mounted on the tank to be measured, and the differential pressure and liquid level of

various tanks can be accurately measured. It can fully meet your liquid level measurement requirements. Used

in industrial processes for a full range of differential pressure, pressure, and *** pressure measurements with 

analog or digital output signals.

Features of the single flange level transmitter:

1. Ionic silicone oil divergence and injection technology

 2, 316 diaphragm, HC, titanium diaphragm, a variety of choices, the world's use of H alloy sheathed sensor

 (patented technology), to help the single flange liquid level transmitter achieve excellent cold and thermal 


 3, mature built-in metal capacitor sensor to ensure good consistency

 4, advanced welding technology, to ensure high temperature and high pressure long-term stable work silicone oil does not leak

 5, built-in digital temperature transmitter, formatted detection before leaving the factory, the temperature impact is extremely low

 6, standard 4-20mA, with digital signal based on HART protocol, remote control

 7. Support upgrades to fieldbus and field-based technology.

 8, can be filled with food grade silicone oil to meet food standards (this requires special customization, the price is calculated)

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