Yokogawa EJA510A and EJA530A Absolute And Gauge Pressure Transmitters

Yokogawa EJA510A and EJA530A Absolute And Gauge Pressure Transmitters
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Yokogawa EJA510A and EJA530A  Absoluteand Gauge Pressure Transmitters

Unit price : 500-780USD       Min Order : 1 piece 

Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, Western Union .

Delivery time : 2-3weeks 

Transmitter Specifications:


Two wire 4 to 20 mA DC output with digital communications. 

BRAIN or HART FSK protocol are superimposed on the 4 to 20 mA signal.

Stability :

0.1% of URL per 12 months

Vibration Effects :

0.1 % of URL

(5 to 15Hz; 4mm peak-to-peak constant displacement, 

15 to 150Hz; 2g, 150 to 2000Hz; 1g)


Low copper cast-aluminum alloy with polyurethane paint (Munsell 0.6GY3.1/2.0)

Degrees of Protection :


Power Supply :

10.5 to 42 V DC for general use and flameproof type

10.5 to 32 V DC for lightning protector (Optional code /A)

10.5 to 30 V DC for intrinsically safe, Type n,nonincendive, or non-sparking type

Basic Information :

Yokogawa EJA530A and EJA510APressure transmitter the pressure signals to the main 

function of electronic devices, on the computer display pressure,its principle is: will pressure 

the pressure of the mechanical signal into current electrical signals (4-20 ma) such a linear 

relationship with pressure and voltage or current size, general is proportional relations,

Technical parameters of intelligent pressure transmitter:

L. Range ratio: 100:1

2. High accuracy: 0.075%

3. Intelligent: HART fieldbus protocol

4. Low temperature drift: automatic compensation of digital temperature sensor

5. Specifications: -100pa~51Mpa

6. Corrosion resistance: 316L, Harcourt alloy, tantalum, etc

7. Good pressure resistance: normal high static pressure of 14Mpa is 32Mpa

8, explosion-proof: this Ann model (ia Ⅱ CT6)

Flameproof (d Ⅱ BT6)

Dimensions :

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